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Beyond Resume Padding: Ideas for Meaningful Service in ICSD's Secondary Schools





The Goal of this Website


The goal of this website is to offer models of community service and service learning that were carried out at Ithaca High School, Boynton Middle School and DeWitt Middle School as part of my 2009-10 sabbatical*.  My hope is that these models may push us beyond what service often becomes at the secondary level, which is to bolster the resumes of already college bound students.  Along with the models, I offer resources and advice that may be of use in carrying out service efforts.  In addition, with regards to Ithaca High, I assess possible directions for service based on surveys and discussions with students, teachers, and administrators.  


To be clear, prior to my sabbatical each secondary school already had in place various service efforts and elements.  Many of these are wonderful – from myriad service clubs to tech classes sharing their know-how with the community; from Link Crews to the National Honor Society.  However, much of my sabbatical work focused on creating new avenues for service, often with students who did not readily fall into the high powered college bound AP / Honors grouping. 


- Jon C. Raimon, Humanities Teacher & Coordinator of Service at LACS


Service Defined

Three Approaches to Service



Directions for Service at Ithaca High 


* I do not include LACS as part of the sabbatic because that is my home school.  However, here is a link that offers an overview of the LACS service program:  http://www.icsd.k12.ny.us/lacs/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=48&Itemid=87 



Feel free to contact me:

Jon Raimon


(607) 274-2126

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